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Riccia Seeds and Garden

Company Background

Our Business

The company had a humble beginning in 2003 as a small seed company. Riccia Seeds & Garden, on its own breed varieties with more than 10 years experience in vegetable crop breeding and as a sound technical backup, has now developed into a complete range of vegetable seed company, Riccia professionally manages its own organization that encompasses most activities in vegetable seeds and allied materials.

Dealer Network within International and National Limits

Riccia Seeds and Garden exports its products to the countries worldwide. Dealers in Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Western Europe including Germany and France are the frequent buyers.

On a national scale, our dealer network spreads throughout India with a major market share in Maharashtra, Karnataka and Gujarat.


Riccia's headquarter is located in Pune, Maharashtra, India. A quick fact about the city of Pune: Pune is the home to Agriculture Department and is one of the most progressive Indian cities & close to Mumbai, the capital of the state of Maharashtra. Pune is also considered to be an educational and IT hub.

Processing Plant and Trial Farms

The processing plants at Riccia includes a state-of-the-art seed cleaning plants including gravity separator, seed dressers & packing instruments.

At trial plants, seeds are rigorously tested to meet Riccia's quality standard requirements. These farms are located at PimpalKhunte (Maval District) in Pune and are equipped with agro shade and net facility to protect the delicate seedlings and seeds from hard sun and weather. Other trial farm is located in the district of Buldhana which is considered to be the heart of seed growing area.

Seed Testing Facility

All seeds are tested in the Government Laboratory located in Pune, and then after certification, confirmation of the germination and quality check of seeds, the product reaches safely in the hands of the customer via our extensive dealers' network.

Key Persons

We, at Riccia Seeds, appreciate all the backstage people who strive hard and contribute their success towards the development of Riccia Seeds & Garden. Following are the key personnel of the company:

  • Dr. B.P. Kalgaonkar: Proprietor & Chief Executive Office – M.Sc and Ph.D in Botany from University of Pune, India, with over 15 years of experience in Domestic and international marketing and product selection. Visited various countries abroad as well as Government Agricultural Universities and Research Institutes.
  • Mrs. Pratibha Kalgaonkar: Co-Founder and an important backbone of the company. Achieved Masters degree (M.Sc.) in Botany from Shivaji University, Kolhapur, India. Quality Assurance Manager (QAM) of Riccia Seeds. Expert in Landscaping and Bonsai garden. Special Training in Cultivation of Orchid at Malaysia. Extensive Experience in Bio-Fertilizers and Pesticides from MITCON, Pune.

  • Mr. R.B. Pradeshi: Chief Marketing Manager: More Than 30 years of experience in seed trade and marketing business.

  • Mr. Priyank Kalgaonkar: Networking Administrator: Online customer support, Website development and online advertisements with over six years of online marketing.

We would also like to thank our other employees who work behind the curtains and strive hard for the success of Riccia Seeds & Garden. We appreciate their continuing efforts, dedication and hard work.